Welcome to Cincinnati Triple Steam

Home to four of the World's Largest
Triple Expansion, Crank and Flywheel
Water Pumping Steam Engines

Greater Cincinnati Water Works
5651 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati, Oh 45228

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NEW For increased guests’ safety the tour no longer includes
a set-down presentation about Old River Station.
Instead, the information is now on YouTube,
and we ask you watch it prior to attending.
Part-3 (Station Construction).

Additional videos can be viewed Here.

Age Requirement: No one under the age 8. Age 8-11, one (1)adult chaperone required for each (1) child under age 12.   Adult supervision required for all children at all times.

Location: 5651 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati, Oh 45228

 If you have a group of 10 or more we can coordinate a tour that best fits your schedule and the station's schedule. Let us know your preference via email.   Tour Brochure Here  


Weighing in at 1,400 tons these 104 feet high triple expansion crank and flywheel water pumping steam engines are the largest ever built. At 1,000 HP they are not the most powerful as smaller engines with larger horsepower were used at Main Station in Cincinnati and elsewhere in the world. The four engines reside at the Greater Cincinnati Water Works where we invite you to take a tour and explore a state-of-the-art, high volume, and high quality water pumping system for a growing community in the early 1900s. We present this site as an effort to preserve an important part of our industrial heritage that has contributed to the success of making us who we are today.Ohio's First Publicly Owned Water System

You can view additional historical videos from the Greater Cincinnati Water Works website HERE.

Possibly no other department of the City of Cincinnati possesses a more interesting history than the Water Works. Cincinnati Triple Steam is a tribute to the men and women that have contributed to the successful effort by the Greater Cincinnati Water Works to provide a reliable, high volume and high quality water supply for the Greater Cincinnati area. The success of their effort continues today.

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Top level of the eight stroy high engines

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