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Mystery Solved 02/05/2014

Read the purpose for the mystery device.
 There's a Limelight Mystery Afoot

A long time passed before we finally solved this mystery, We no longer have the device but we do have pictures taken in 1902. You can read the fascinating account surrounding the mystery and how the identity for the unknown device was discovered. "There's a Mystery Afoot!"

The clues were: there are two bladders each with a shut-off valve connected to a small rubber hose that attach to device "B" and connects to the bottom of cylinder #2. Cylinder #1 has a height position scale attached to the piston. The beam crank oscillates a lever arm connected to both cylinders 1 and 2.  Cylinder 2 is adjustable along the horizontal axis is divided on a scale from1 to 25. 

Device "C" appears to be a control switch. Device "D" appears to be a horizontal cylinder closed at one end and the other end open over a small cup, device "E".  Device "A" appears to be a cylinder closed at both ends with a port on the side and a piston at the bell end. A weighted bow string holds a small bell ringer in place at the bell-end of the cylinder. The entire device is mounted on a polished and beveled stone base with handles.

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Front View                                                                       Rear View

Left Side View                                                         Right Side View