Home to four of the world's largest steam engines and an ASCE National Landmark and AWWA Landmark
World  Wide Triple Expansion Engines (mostly the UK)
Also see 26 UK public water supply pumping stations with steam engines on Geograph

Kempton Steam Museum, London, UK  Worlds Largest Operating Triple Expansion Steam Engine,  62 feet tall.

KEW Bridge Steam Museum, UK
 Hathorn Davey Triple Expansion Engine


Brede Waterworks, Worthington-Simpson, Inverted vertical triple expansion engine following restoration.


Worthington Simpson No 5056 
Connaught Road Pumping Station, Dover, England, Worthington Simpson.
Geograph Photo

Langford Pumping Station
Langford Pumping Station Lilleshall inverted vertical triple expansion pumping engines built 1930

Walton Pumping Station
Walton Pumping Station, UK
Thames Ironworks engines from 1911.

Triple expansion by Worth, Mackenzie of Stockton on Tees
Waterworks Museum, Broomy Hill, UK
Triple expansion by Worth, Mackenzie of Stockton on Tees.

Maple Brook Pumping Station
Maple Brook Pumping Station


 Engine room of the LHP Co. Grosvenor Road pumping station in Pimlico

Supplied 700 p.s.i. hydraulic pressure to London, 1910. The triple expansion steam engines drive high-pressure pumps.

Mercury Communications press photo

 1931 Lilleshall, Lilleshall Co. Ltd.
Oakengate, Shropshire, England

Museum of Power
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