Tour Registration
5651 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati, Oh 45228


Signup for a tour below (Mostly the First Saturday of each month, 9:30 AM–Noon)

Available 2017 tour dates:
    March 4, April 1, May 6,  June 3, July 1,  Aug. 5,   Sept. 2,  Oct. 7,  Nov 4,   Dec. 2

When: Scheduled for the first Saturday of each month, 9:30 AM–Noon, tours are conducted year around. Attendance is limited to 15 per tour.

Location: 5651 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati, Oh 45228

If you have a group of eight or more we are happy to coordinate a tour date that  best fits your group schedule and the station schedule. Let us know your preference via email.   Tour Brochure Here 


 To assist with your enjoyment of the tour we have a few safety and eligibility requirements for you to consider. We are looking forward to your visit with us.

Photo ID Required: this is a secure and active pumping station so you must have a photo ID to be shown at the guarded entrance gate (not required for children).


Personal Attire: Rubber sole shoes only, no leather soles. Closed toe and closed heel required. No sandals, flip-flops or Croc-type shoes. Long pants are recommended, but in high heat, we understand shorts may be more desirable. Hard Hat & Safety Glasses are Not Required.

Age Requirement: No one under the age of 8. Under age of 12, one (1) adult chaperone required
for each (1) child under age 12. Adult supervision required for all children at all times.


Group Photo: As a courtesy service, we begin the tour with a group photo positioned in front of an engine and email the electronic image to you. No one is obligated to have their picture taken. On rare occasions, we may place a small version of the photo in brochure.


Photo Policy: We welcome and encourage photos, film or video tape for his or her own non-commercial use. Filming, photographing or videotaping for commercial use is prohibited. We ask for no close up photos of the blue electric pumps. Because of restricted space, we do understand the electric pumps may be in the background of your photo.


Walking & Stairs: The tour begins seated for about 15 minutes and the remainder 60 minutes are walking, one flight of stairs (optional). The elevator to the pit floor is not wheelchair accessible.


Disability Accessible: This is not a disability friendly facility, but it is possible to have a wheelchair (not supplied) on the main engine room floor with limited mobility. An escort must push from behind all wheelchairs.

Acrophobia, Claustrophobia or Vertigo (Dizziness) please let us know ahead of time if you or someone in your party has a fear of heights, confined spaces, or easily becomes dizzy.


Questions: Technical questions are welcome, both Larry and Lee are engineers.


Limited Restrooms “Port-A-Potty”

No food, drink or smoking inside the facility. No food or drink provided.