Home to four of the world's largest steam engines and an ASCE National Landmark and AWWA Landmark

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Part-3 (Station Construction for Old River Station)


Introduction  to Cincinnati Triple Steam


  Mt. Washington, Ohio Reservoir Construction 1939-1940

  May 8, 2012, Greater Cincinnati Water Works teamed up with Time Warner Cable to offer an inside look at the journey of water from the river to the tap. You'll learn where your water comes from and how it is cleaned and distributed. It includes everything you need to know about your H20.  

             Short tour of the Richard Miller Treatment Plant and discussion of the water treatment process.

Greater Cincinnati Water Work's (GCWW) Eden Park Pump Station is going green. In the fall of 2009, GCWW installed a green roof on top of the pump station to reduce energy costs and reduce rain water runoff. A green roof is a roof that is partially or completely covered with vegetation. Green roofs improve air quality, help with storm water retention and filtration, and create a natural habitat for wildlife. In addition, green roofs can double the life span of a conventional roof while providing thermal insulation during summer and winter months.

Greater Cincinnati Water Works recently completed a 280 KW solar panel expansion project at its Spring Grove facility. Greater Cincinnati Water Works engineer Josh Waldrof explains details of the project.

Advanced technology keeps Cincinnati's drinking water safe. Greater Cincinnati Water Works is first in the nation to pilot new computer software.

Greater Cincinnati Water Works' Tapping Team practices for state competition. The four member team placed 2nd in 2009 with a time of 1:46. Video demonstrates mock set-up of connecting service to a water main.